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A Doll's House

Explores the character, Nora, in Henrik Ibsen's play.

This paper examines the role that Nora has to play in "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen. The paper argues that Nora's worries, despite what some critics say, are not those of a person changing and growing up. Instead, hers are the worries of having always been grown up and choosing to play a role that has allowed her to survive. The paper looks at her role in contrast to some of the other characters'.

The fact is that Nora does not change any more than anyone else in the drama. She stays the same, but arguably, her starting point is more well-developed than the starting points of the rest of them because she was young when she married, and young when she had to assume the burdens her husband provided for her. Rosefeldt contends Nora's father's absence lies at the bottom of her plight. However, Nora simply did what she had to do to cope with the situation. It might also be noted that Mrs. Linde, although not as well-developed a character as Nora, did much the same thing. She overcame the absence of a father in a rich husband, who ultimately leaves her bankrupt. (2003, unpaged)